Representative, as defined by West Virginia statutes, means a manufacturer’s representative licensed under the provisions of W. Va. Code §60-4-22. A licensed representative may contact a licensed retailer for the purpose of selling, offering to sell, soliciting, negotiating or promoting the sale of alcoholic liquor or distilled spirits, or conducting surveys, studies or similar activities pertaining to the sale, distribution or availability of alcoholic liquors or distilled spirits.

A person, firm or corporation may not be or act or serve as an agent, broker or salesman selling or offering to sell or soliciting or negotiating the sale of alcoholic liquor to the commission or to any wine distributor without first obtaining a license.

The licensing of one (1) sales representative shall not preclude the required registration and licensure of other persons acting as sales representative for the same supplier.

Representatives attending sampling events must be registered with the commissioner.

The privileges, duties and responsibilities for licensed sales representatives in West Virginia is detailed in Legislative Rule CSR 175 Series 1, 3, 4, and 6 and authorized by West Virginia Code §60.


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