Rebid 2020


Welcome to the WVABCA's 2020 Retail Outlet License Bid Process. The WVABCA encourages all potential bidders to carefully read and review the documents listed on this page and the applicable West Virginia Code and rules.

Every 10 years the Retail Liquor Licensing Board and the WVABCA bid the 10-year rights to sell liquor in the 98 market zones throughout the State of West Virginia.

More detailed information is available in the documents on this web page. See also W.Va Code §60-3A-1 et seq., as amended, 175 Code of State Rules, Series 1 (175 CSR 1) and 175 Code of State Rules, Series 5 (175 CSR 5).

Phase III - 2020 Retail Outlet License Bid Process - Notification 

Phase I of the 2020 Retail Outlet License Bidding Process was completed as of November 2019. 

Phase I - Successful Licensee List

Phase II of the 2020 Retail Outlet License Bidding Process was completed as of January 9, 2020.

Phase II – 123 Successful Bidders List  

Phase II - Additional Successful Bidders List

Phase III of the 2020 Retail Outlet License Bidding Process was completed as of April 1, 2020.

Phase III - Successful Bidders List 

Amended Clarification Question No 3. – ZONE 3 – BERKELEY COUNTY:
3. A bidder is confused about the Designated Area for Zone 3 Berkeley County, since the bidder believes the retail liquor outlet currently licensed for the Designated Area is not in   the Designated Area’s description.
The Zone 3 Designated Area includes the tax districts of Opequon and Falling Waters, but not including the City of Martinsburg.

After research with the WVABCA’s Licensing Division, the currently licensed retail liquor outlet, 7-11 # 630, is not within the designated area due to an error in licensing the location in 2010.
Moving forward from July 1, 2020, the current licensee or whomever is the successful winning bidder must meet the requirements of the designated area.

Clarification Question No 2.:

2. On the Authorization to Release Information, what does West Virginia Identification Number mean?
It means the WV Taxpayer Identification Number for the business, entity or person.

Please see License Bid Packet.

Clarification Question No 1.:

1. Can a Class A license, Freestanding Liquor Retail Outlet, be converted to a Class B license, Mixed Retail Liquor Outlet?
Please see License Bid Packet. Exercising the Purchase Option in Phase I of the 2020 Retail Outlet Bid Process would allow a Class A license to secure its license.
See also Current Licensee Preference, Resident Bidder Preference and Right to Match.