Applications and Forms


Class A On Premise Application
Nonintoxicating Beer Floor Plan Extension Packet
Retail License Off Premise Application
Special Event Fair and Festival License Application
Class A Liquor, Wine and Beer On Premise (Private Resort Hotel-Private Hotel-Private Golf Club) License Packet
Retail Liquor Outlet Packet
Floor Plan Form
Release of Information Waiver
TTB Alcohol Dealer Registration



Licensing Non-Retail

Direct Shipper Licensing Packet
Direct Shippers Licensing FAQ
Mini Distillery Licensing Packet
Distillery Licensing Packet
Farm Winery License Packet
Winery Licensing Packet
Vendor Registration Packet
Transportation Packet
Industrial License Packet
Ethyl Alcohol Application Packet
Ethyl Alcohol Order Form
Ethyl Alcohol Received and Used Form
Sacramental Application Packet
Sacramental Wine Order Form
Liquor and Wine License Application



Liquor Representative Packet
Contiguous Market Zones
Market Zone Map
Representative POS or Promotions Request
Restricted Rectangle Sign
Restricted Stop Sign
WV Approved Wine Bags
Treasurer's Office EFT Authorization
Dry or Local Option Areas

Beer Growler Information

Examples of Growlers
Example of Growler Seal
Example of Growler Labels
Growler Application


Beer / Non-Retail

Resident Brewer License Packet
Brewer/Importer License Packet
Nonintoxicating Beer Distributor Packet
Nonintoxicating Beer Representative Permit Packet
Brewer/Importer and Resident Brewer Pricing
Nonintoxicating Beer Label Registration (Directions) & Nonintoxicating Beer Listing Approval Sheet
Nonintoxicating Beer Distributor and West Virginia Resident Brewer Lists
Nonintoxicating Beer One Day Event Nonprofit



Wine Supplier Licensing Packet
Wine Distributor Licensing Packet
Wine Representative Packet
Wine Brand Registration Packet
Dry or Local Option Areas
Wine One Day Event Nonprofit