WV Code & Rules



You may obtain the West Virginia Code at the WV Legislature website:  http://www.legis.state.wv.us. A courtesy copy of Chapter 60 - Alcoholic Liquors, Chapter 11 Article 16 - Nonintoxicating Beer and Miscellaneous Code Provisions applicable to WVABCA are provided below.

West Virginia Code Chapter 60 - State Control of Alcoholic Liquors

            Chapter 60-1-1 et seq.            General Provisions

            Chapter 60-2-1 et seq.            Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner

            Chapter 60-3-1 et seq.            Sales By Commissioner

            Chapter 60-3A-1 et seq.          Sales By Retail Liquor Licensees

            Chapter 60-4-1 et seq.            Licenses

            Chapter 60-5-1 et seq.            Local Option Elections

            Chapter 60-6-1 et seq.            Miscellaneous Provisions

            Chapter 60-7-1 et seq.            Licenses to Private Clubs

            Chapter 60-8-1 et seq.            Sale of Wines

            Chapter 60-9-1 et seq.            Cigarettes for Export/Import  


West Virginia Code Chapter 11-16

            Chapter 11-16             Nonintoxicating Beer


West Virginia Code Chapter 11-17

            Chapter 11-17             Tobacco Products Excise Tax Act


Miscellaneous West Virginia Code Provisions


The Code of State Rules (CSR) is available at the West Virginia Secretary of State’s website at the following link:   http://www.sos.wv.gov.


The WVABCA’s Legislative Rules are:

            175 CSR 1        Licensed Retail Operations

            175 CSR 2        Private Club Licensing

            175 CSR 3        Farm Wineries

            175 CSR 4        Sale of Wine

            175 CSR 5        Licensing of Retail Outlets

            175 CSR 6        Bailment Policies and Procedures

            175 CSR 8        Cigarettes Produced for Export; Imported Cigarettes

            175 CSR 9        Cigarette Vending Machines

            176 CSR 1        Nonintoxicating Beer Licensing and Operations Procedures