WV Code & Rules



You may obtain the West Virginia Code at the WV Legislature website:  http://www.legis.state.wv.us. A courtesy copy of Chapter 60 - Alcoholic Liquors, Chapter 11 Article 16 - Nonintoxicating Beer and Miscellaneous Code Provisions applicable to WVABCA are provided below.

2019 Legislation

            Senate Bill 511                        Creating alternating wine proprietorships

            Senate Bill 529                        Clarifying provisions of Nonintoxicating Beer Act

            Senate Bill 561                        Permitting Alcohol Beverage Control Administration request assistance of local law enforcement

West Virginia Code Chapter 60 - State Control of Alcoholic Liquors

            Chapter 60-1-1 et seq.            General Provisions

            Chapter 60-2-1 et seq.            Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner

            Chapter 60-3-1 et seq.            Sales By Commissioner

            Chapter 60-3A-1 et seq.          Sales By Retail Liquor Licensees

            Chapter 60-4-1 et seq.            Licenses

            Chapter 60-5-1 et seq.            Local Option Elections

            Chapter 60-6-1 et seq.            Miscellaneous Provisions

            Chapter 60-7-1 et seq.            Licenses to Private Clubs

            Chapter 60-8-1 et seq.            Sale of Wines

            Chapter 60-9-1 et seq.            Cigarettes for Export/Import  


West Virginia Code Chapter 11-16

            Chapter 11-16             Nonintoxicating Beer


West Virginia Code Chapter 11-17

            Chapter 11-17             Tobacco Products Excise Tax Act


Miscellaneous West Virginia Code Provisions


The Code of State Rules (CSR) is available at the West Virginia Secretary of State’s website at the following link:   http://www.sos.wv.gov.


The WVABCA’s Legislative Rules are:

            175 CSR 1        Licensed Retail Operations

            175 CSR 2        Private Club Licensing

            175 CSR 3        Farm Wineries

            175 CSR 4        Sale of Wine

            175 CSR 5        Licensing of Retail Outlets

            175 CSR 6        Bailment Policies and Procedures

            175 CSR 8        Cigarettes Produced for Export; Imported Cigarettes

            175 CSR 9        Cigarette Vending Machines

            176 CSR 1        Nonintoxicating Beer Licensing and Operations Procedures