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Class A On Premise Application: Private Hotel, Private Resort Hotel, Private Golf Club 18 holes, Private Golf Course 9 Holes
Class A On Premise Application:  Private Tennis, Professional Sport Stadium, Private Multi-Sports Complex, Private College Sports Stadium, Private Wedding Venue
Class A On Premise Application: Fraternal, Tavern, Brew Pub
Unlicensed Brewer or Home Brewer Special Event

Unlicensed Winery Special Event
Nonintoxicating Beer Floor Plan Extension Packet​​
Retail License Off Premise Application
Special Event Fair and Festival License Application ​​​​  ​​​​
Special One Day Nonprofit License for Nonintoxicating Beer and Wine  ​​​​
Special One Day Nonprofit Nonintoxicating Beer and Wine Auctioning Event​​  ​​​​
Special One Day Nonprofit Liquor Auctioning Event​​​  ​​​​
Retail Liquor Outlet Packet
Floor Plan Form
Release of Information Waiver
TTB Alcohol Dealer Registration
Pre-mixed Liquor Recipe Submission Form
Pre-mixed Liquor Equipment Cleaning Log
Outdoor Dining Area/Outdoor Street Dining Area Application

Licensing Non-Retail

Non-Retail Wine License Application: Wine Supplier, Winery, Farm Winery, Multi Capacity, Wine Distributor, Hard Cider Distributor and Wine Direct Shipper​
Wine Direct Shippers Licensing FAQ
Multi-Distillery Licensing Packet
Transportation Packet
Industrial License Packet
Ethyl Alcohol Application Packet
Ethyl Alcohol Order Form
Ethyl Alcohol Received and Used Form
Sacramental Wine Application Packet
Sacramental Wine Order Form


Liquor Representative Packet
Contiguous Market Zones
Market Zone Map
Representative POS or Promotions Request
Restricted Rectangle Sign
Restricted Stop Sign
WV Approved Wine Bags
Treasurer's Office EFT Authorization
Dry or Local Option Areas
Private Barrel Selection Policy (Spirits-101)
Private Barrel Selection Form Only
Vendor Registration Packet​​

Phase I - Successful Licensee List
Phase II - Successful Bidder List
Phase III - Successful Bidder List
Phase IV - Successful Bidder List
Class A License Facts
Class B License Facts​


Class A: Nonintoxicating Beer, Wine and Craft Cocktail Growler
Class B: Nonintoxicating Beer and Wine
Retail Liquor Outlet: Nonintoxicating Beer, Wine and Sealed (Liquor Bottles or Cans)
Third Party: Class A (Nonintoxicating Beer, Wine and Craft Cocktail Growler)
Third Party: Class B (Nonintoxicating Beer and Wine)

Example of Growler Labels
Example of Growler Seals and Caps​​
Growler Application: Nonintoxicating Beer, Wine, and Craft Cocktail

Beer / Non-Retail

Resident Brewer License Packet
Brewer, Importer License Packet
Nonintoxicating Beer Distributor Packet
Nonintoxicating Beer Representative Permit Packet
Brewer, Importer and Resident Brewer Pricing
Nonintoxicating Beer Label Registration (Directions)
Nonintoxicating Beer Distributor and West Virginia Resident Brewer Lists​​
Nonintoxicating Beer Front Line/Base Price Fillable Form


Non-Retail Wine License Application: Wine Supplier, Winery, Farm Winery, Multi Capacity, Wine Distributor, Hard Cider Distributor and Wine Direct Shipper​
Wine Representative Packet
Wine Brand Registration Packet
Dry or Local Option Areas