1. What are the steps in getting an alcohol license?
    1. The first step is to send in your application. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed by a licensing specialist for accuracy and completeness. Next, a ABCA inspector will meet with the applicant at the establishment to complete an inspection report. When inspection report is received and when all paperwork is deemed complete by the licensing specialist, the application will then be sent to the Commissioner for final approval. 
  2. How long does the application process take?
    1. On average, it takes about a month to get a license. However, processing times can vary depending on the accuracy and thoroughness of the paperwork, if the establishment is ready for inspection, and how many applications are in queue for review. 
  3. How do I know if I need to go to the city or county commission to complete my zoning form?
  4. Does my license allow patrons to drink outside?
  5. Why can’t a person who is a not a US citizen be on a license?
  6. Why can’t a trust be on a license?
  7. How do I get my fingerprints done and what code do I use?
  8. How do I check to see if a license is active?(they don’t understand the license search & how easy it is) it would be helpful just to provide the link in the FAQ (check license status)
  9. What are the residency requirements for obtaining a license?
  10. If I want to upgrade/downgrade my license what do I do?