The WVABCA Licensing Division is responsible for ensuring applicants comply with West Virginia law pertaining to the issuance and maintenance of licenses, encompassing all aspects of the handling, serving, and sale of alcoholic beverages.   The West Virginia Code and regulations permit these licenses to be issued only under strict and specific guidelines and require direct oversight to ensure the safety of customers, businesses and most importantly, the general public.
The Licensing Division is committed to providing fast, accurate, and courteous service while ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all applicants.

The majority of licenses issued in West Virginia consists of two basic types, Class A for on-premise consumption and Class B for off-premise consumption.

Effective June 6, 2019, please add an Operational Fee of $100 for each licensed location.
Further note, a Reactivation Fee of $150 will apply for licensees that renew late.

 CLASS A - Class A Licenses are issued for on-premise consumption. Annual fees are listed below:
 NEW Special Events (Fairs & Festivals) Liquor, Wine and Beer $750 
 NEW Private Hotel $4,150 
 NEW Private Golf Club 9 Holes $2,150 
 *NEW Charitable Beer & Wine Non-Profit One Day Events (limit 6 per year) No Fee 
 Private Club (less than 1,000 members) - liquor, wine & non-intoxicating beer $1,150 
 Private Club (1,000 or more members) - liquor, wine & non-intoxicating beer $2,650 
 Fraternal Club (Non-Profit) - liquor, wine & non-intoxicating beer $900 
 Fraternal Club (Non-Profit) - non-intoxicating beer $150 
 Tavern - non-intoxicating beer $150 
 Private Wine Restaurant - wine only $250 
 Private Wine Restaurant - wine & non-intoxicating beer only $400 
 Private Wine Spa - wine only $150 
 Private Wine Bed & Breakfast - wine only $150 
 Brew Pub (Resident Brewer/Importer License Required) $1,000
 *Special Events (Fairs and Festivals) - wine & non-intoxicating beer $500 
 *Special Events (Fairs and Festivals) - wine only $250 
 *Special Events (Fairs and Festivals) - non-intoxicating beer only $250 
 Private Resort Hotel (fee increases depending on number of areas) $7,650 
 Private Golf Club 18 Holes $4,150 
 CLASS B - Class B licenses are issued for off-premise consumption.  Annual fees are listed below:  
 Liquor Retail Outlet - Class A (Free Standing) or Class B (Mixed Retail)  $2,000
 Wine  $150
 Wine Specialty  $250
 *Wine Specialty/Tasting  $400
 *Wine Sampling (only available to Wine Specialty licensees)  $150
 *Wine Tasting "Farm Winery"  $150
 Non-intoxicating Beer  $150
 Available Additional Services - to be added to a license (restrictions apply)  
 *NEW Private Club Bottle Sale  $1,000
 *NEW Curbside Delivery Beer  $250
 *NEW Curbside Delivery Wine  $250
 *NEW Wine Gift Basket  $250
 *Growler  $100
 *Off-Premise Wine Sales - Private Clubs and Private Wine Restaurants only  $100
*$100.00 Operational Fee Does Not Apply

The WVABCA operates on a fiscal year from July 1 to June 30.  All fees are prorated by half from January 1 to June 30, with the exception of liquor stores and special events.

Contact the Licensing Division between the hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm for information or assistance 304-356-5500 or

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